About Me

I graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Fine Art Painting and have participated in group shows, open studios, solo exhibitions and an artist’s residency.  In other arts based activities, I have been a member of ‘Skylark’, an artist’s cooperative in Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank, where members collaboratively run and exhibit in a small gallery.  I have interned in the press office of Art Angel, a charitable organisation which funds ground-breaking contemporary artists, and have written for the Museum of London’s ‘24 Hour Museum’ website.

About My Work

My current paintings focus on the representation of objects and are inspired by still life painting throughout history – in particular, 17th century Dutch vanitas paintings, a genre which employed objects as a kind of commentary on contemporary moral and social concerns, as well as accentuating their aesthetic qualities.  I am interested in the psychological and symbolic impact of objects and how we use and arrange them in ways which create narratives. 

Instead of assembling and grouping my own choice of subject matter, my approach to composition is to photograph objects gathered in pre-existing display settings such as museums and shop windows, in other words ‘readymade’ still life groupings, from which I can isolate an image which will often incorporate incidental reflections and chance juxtapositions of objects.  In this way, although the paintings are fully representational, the incidental surface qualities introduce a degree of abstraction and visual ambiguity.  

In my most recent work I have begun to explore the potential for portraiture through inanimate objects (souvenir dolls, for instance).


18th-27th June 2015 – New English Arts Club exhibition at Mall Galleries, London SW1.

September-December 2014 – Illustrations for ‘Afrikaba Adventure Story’ publication.

December 2013 Creative Christmas, group show at Hastings Arts Forum.

June-July 2013 – Solo show at Little Larder, St Leonard’s-on-Sea.

March-April 2013 – Artists and Combe Valley, group show, Memorial Art Gallery, Hastings.

May 2012 – Green Fuse, group show, Hastings Art Forum. 

March 2012 – Members show, Hastings Art Forum.

November 2011-January 2012 – Artist's residency, Nobles Restaurant, Battle.

I was the selected artist commissioned by Pure Arts Group to respond to the environment of Nobles Restaurant and Battle in a number of paintings.  I drew upon local high street shop window displays for inspiration.  The show opened with a ‘meet the artist’ dinner.

September 2010 – Battle Art Fair at the Powder Mills Hotel.  For the period of a year around this show, I was a selected artist with the Pure Arts Group and received their support and promotion.

May-June 2011 – Solo show at Little Larder, St Leonard’s-on-Sea.

March 2011 – Howard’s House Hotel, solo exhibition as part of winter cultural events season.  The show opened with an artist’s talk and a themed meal. 

2010 – Work on display at Hampstead Tearooms.  Fancy cakes inspired by patisserie window displays.

May 2009 – ‘Man’s Tribute to Dead Fiancée’, solo exhibition, Burgh House, Hampstead.

June 2006 – Hampstead Marina, Yalding.  Part of South East Open Studios.

May 2005 ‘Space Shop’, solo exhibition, Dulwich Park cafe.